Our brand new standing desk, Dynamic, is a combination of high-tech and style. Designed for working in the new normal, Dynamic can be integrated with our booking system, Engage, to establish an agile, flexible working process. What’s more, with personalized app and Siri voice control, Dynamic allows employees to work more efficiently and makes a great addition/upgrade for your hybrid workspace!

Best standing desk for hybrid work

What sets Dynamic apart is the ability to integrate with our desk booking platform, Engage. Users can book the desk using their mobile devise. Once done booking, a schedule will be automatically added to your Google Calendar. 

When arriving at the desk, you can use Bluetooth with your mobile phone to sync your personalized desk settings, such as preferred heights and break notifications, to the desk you book. This tech-enabled solution provides a streamlined process for any workplace that adopts a flexible hybrid work model.

Not your average standing desk

Humanconnect allows users to manage the desk through its app (MySmartPal). After downloading the app onto the smartphone, you can configure your preferred heights and set up break reminders. You can then adjust the desk through the app or via Siri commands.

Once the app connects to the desk via Bluetooth, users can apply their personalized configurations saved in the app to the desk they’ve accessed. This way multiple users can connect to the same desk at different times, which is ideal for use at home or in workspace.

Personalized App MySmartPal

Preferred Heights
Configure your frequently used desk heights as preset heights, and select with the shortcut buttons.

Break Notifications
Set your desired time and receive reminders to take a break or change positions.

App Control
Manage the desk with the app without relying on the physical handset.

Multiple User Access
With Bluetooth, the same desk can be accessed by different users based on their personalised configurations.

Siri Voice Control
Adjust the desk with customized Siri commands via Shortcuts.

Anti-Collision Detection
Desk will stop immediately when encountered an object in the midst of adjustment process.

Intuitive design and technology. Great for working at home or in the workplace.

Live is the first standing desk designed and made by Humanconnect. As the pandemic is shaping the new normal, many have shifted to a hybrid work model. We want to provide the best standing desk that complements a comfortable working environment, fulfilling people’s new working needs while maintaining health.


Solid wood top with ergonomic design creating a remarkable work experience

We believe that only a sturdy, durable tabletop made from natural solid wood completes a smart standing desk, enabling it to withstand the test of time. The exceptional craftsmanship of Live not only delivers warm and timeless charm, but also ensures years of quality, dependable performance.

Besides solid wood, we have also applied a curved design to the edge of the tabletop to improve ergonomics. Whether it’s surfing the Internet, working or any other activities, Live provides the optimal comfort for standing. 

Take your work routine to the next level

Say goodbye to sedentary lifestyle

Emerging studies have shown that sitting for prolonged periods of time is often associated with weight gain, diabetes, and high blood pressure. It’s also likely to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer-related deaths.

FLH Live is your best training partner at work. Adjust the desk to the standing height that best suits your needs, allowing your body to move more by switching between sitting and standing to better stay focused on your work while keeping your energy level high. 

Break reminders to help establish a new standing habit

It’s not easy to transition from a sitting work style to a brand new habit of switching between sitting and standing. With our smart app, users can set their desired time to get push notifications to take a break or change positions. This will gradually help you adjust your sitting and standing routine throughout the day, supporting to form new, healthy habits, and improving your work performance. 

Who would benefit from our smart standing desk?

Workers who care about their well-being and need high concentration for working long hours.

Businesses and coworking spaces that promote healthy, productive hybrid working.