A hybrid, flexible workspace experience

Work has become an essential experience designed around and for the workers wherever they are.  A recent survey by Google Workspace revealed that 70% of workers believe that hybrid/flexible work will be a standard practice within their organizations in the coming three years. 

Our desk booking system, Engage

Boost agility for the new hybrid workspace

Engage is an agile workspace approach.  The interactive, user-friendly desk booking software help companies and coworking/shared spaces to:

  • Reserve desks/conference rooms across the organization. Once desk is reserved, user is automatically clocked in/out during the time frame.
  • Automate booking appointments with your Google calendar
  • Integrate with our standing desk and other automation devices for a connected on-site experience
  • Enable touch-free access control to optimize space management
  • Improve seating planning and space utilization
  • Support a hybrid workspace with ease and confidence!

Create a personalized, collaborative work station and improve connectivity

Other than booking, Engage can also:

  • Integrate with work automation platform Zapier and real-time collaboration tools such as Slack, Google, Microsoft, etc
  • Send/receive ad hoc meeting notifications and invitations
  • Invite colleagues for booking mutual conference rooms 

Amazing key features for hybrid work


Improved security, convenience, and cost efficiency are beneficial to hybrid working.  Our technology incorporating NFC allows for contactless, frictionless door entry using a smart phone device with authentication.


With embedded NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities, Sage allows users to check in/out seats through their mobile phone. It can also be synced with our standing desk for personalized uses and connected to cloud. 


The simple user interface empowers workers to easily book and manage desks/meeting rooms and manage their schedules wherever they are, helping set up for successful hybrid working.

Productive hybrid workspace with our smart, intuitive standing desk

Build up an ergonomic workspace experience

To support a comfortable blend of in-office and remote work environment, a standing workstation is a perfect investment. Our smart standing desks are streamlined design powered by IoT capabilities, which also show combination of design and high-tech.

Benefits of adding Live to your workplace:

  • Great functionality – both desks supports at least a height range of 64 – 137 cm and has a 118 kg optimal lift capacity.
  • High durability – both desks are made out of high-quality natural solid wood which ensures years of long-lasting, reliable performance.
  • Safety – the anti-collision feature effectively avoids damage and assures safety.
    Personalized app – the app allows you to save your preferred heights, remotely adjust the desk, get break reminders, and more!
  • Multiple operation interfaces – desks can be operated via app, Siri, NFC, and even physical handset.
  • Style – the natural wood grain and elegant, simple design perfectly suit your workspace decor.
  • Healthier work life – the standing capabilities improve concentration, work productivity and overall health!

Sage, our innovative desk IoT device

Sage is a NFC and Wi-Fi enabled platform designed to be connected with our standing desk. Simply by tapping your smart phone, you can make desk booking and checking in/out within seconds.  It can also sync to your preset height settings and automatically adjust the desk whenever you are ready to start working.